Blue Throat Yoga Online Meditation Mandala

Full Day Mandala of Practice via Zoom: January 24, 2021
with Karen Faunce, Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation

Practitioners of Neelakantha Meditation are warmly invited to spend a full day deepening the experience and the understanding of their innermost Consciousness! Blue Throat Yoga Meditation Mandalas offer powerful and clarifying synergistic practices that support and enhance the work of our daily meditation to release limitation, and reveal a higher platform from which to enact life.

The Mandala will include:

– Group Neelakantha Meditation practice and theory
– Thematic and inspirational teachings from the Householder Yoga Tradition (Kashmir Shaiva-Shakta Tantra)
– An array of synergistic group practices intended to support and strengthen the impact of your meditation
– Guided Gentle Yoga practice
– Expert guidance from a positive habits health coach
– Music and Kirtan
– Opportunity for personal reflection, journaling and sharing
– Preparatory Material
– Post-workshop Material

The Mandalas of Practice will be led by Karen Faunce, Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation, and guest teachers, Jenni Fallein and Annie Barrett. Karen, Jenni and Annie will offer their knowledge, support, perspectives and expertise on living a life of Sādhanā (coherent daily practice.)


Sunday January 24, 2021
9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (including a lunch break)

Cost: $100. See Registration Form for Payment Options.

Karen Faunce

Karen is an Authorized Teacher (Acharya) of Neelakantha Meditation, as taught in Blue Throat Yoga. She has been a dedicated practitioner for 11 years, and loves to teach meditation, its refined theory and elegant synergistic practices. Neelakantha Meditation has been the most profound source of healing and growth that Karen has experienced in decades of spiritual practice. Karen lives in Idaho with her family, teaches yoga and meditation courses in the US West and on Zoom, and serves on the Blue Throat Yoga Administrative Team.

Jenni Fallein

Jenni is an Acharya of Neelakantha Meditation, as taught in Blue Throat Yoga. She is a visual and musical artist living in Idaho, and loves to share her passions for life, the arts, and practice!

Annie Barrett

Annie has practiced Neelakantha Meditation for 11 years. She is a mother, yoga teacher, and health coach living in Olympia, WA. She offers transformative courses in yoga, wellness, and positive habit formation.